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Welcome to Dr. Wong's Essentials™ Natural Health website!
Dr. Wong's Essentials™ Natural Health Website (Totality of Being.com) is an Informational website devoted to increasing public awareness about natural remedies for common health ailments. There are over 50 unique articles on this website. Please browse the Archived Articles and Collections pages to find the subjects that interest you the most.

We hope you enjoy the straight-forward, concise and easy to understand writing style that makes Dr. Wong's teachings so unique.

The Next Endangered Species!

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What's New

Andrive™! The newest formula in
Dr. Wong Essentials® line of products.
"Anti-Aging" Cream for both Men and Women!

Zymessence® is a Success! Not so new anymore. But we'd like to thank all of you for your support in our first year!

FINALLY! Dr. Wong's new Sexual Arousal enhancer is in! Enkindle™ works to increase sexual desire in both men and women!

We've been waiting. But now the wait if finally over! Dr. Wong's Andeanessence™ is now available! It's a Full Strength, Whole Maca Root Extract.
1 caplet versus 3 to 6 tablespoons of powder!

Because you have been patiently asking, we have created a Magnesium Citrate at your request. And it is now available: 500mg per Capsule!

Dr. Wong is striving to continue to bring you exciting new products that actually work! He has added his own multivitamin to his products now: Daily Essence®. And the feedback has been great!

Another brand new one is Candessence™ which will debut on March 1st is Dr. Wong's new All-In-One bowel support product.

And..... we are working on 5 new cutting edge products that we think you will all really love!

Keep track of Dr. Wong's latest doings on our radio show which you can hear from anywhere at the podcast area of www.drwongradio.com and our on-line store www.docsprefer.com.


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